Calibration and Maintenance

These days, racing and cruising yachts carry a wealth of tactical computer software on board, even in the most simple of systems, providing data such as wind speed and direction, course being steered, tacking angles, speed over the ground, distance to waypoints and marks, tide and tacking angles.

Whether you rely on your electronics to help you to win regattas or to cruise quickly and safely to your next port of call, the feedback from your instruments will be at best inaccurate and at worst useless and potentially unsafe unless your electronics have been installed and calibrated correctly.

Paul Knight, an experienced, competitive and successful racing sailor, has the knowledge and expertise along with the specialist diagnostic equipment required to carry out a professional calibration on board your boat.


There may not be a need to throw away that old plotter, or get a new radar system. Your existing systems might just need some TLC and a repair, we will do our best to keep your existing systems running!

Parital and Complete re-wiring services

Sometimes your wiring suffers in the harsh environments we take our boats to, water, heat and other damage to wiring, circuit breakers and switches can lead to equipment failure and worse. From changing a fuse panel or switch to complete re-wiring we can do it using only high quality marine grade equipment.


Instrumentation can be divided in to to categories: the first is 'stand alone' and the other we call a 'system'. However, any system is only as good as its calibration. You can spend a fortune on the best equipment on the market but if it's incorrectly set up you might as well not bother.

We offer a calibration service by appointment only, this will require a system heath check and the hull to be clean and free from weeds.

We offer system heath checks and will advise you of any faults found.

Want to know more?

For repairs, routine maintenance and calibration give us a call or send us a mail. we aim to reply within one working day.



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