Supply and Installation

Power or sail, Knight Marine Electronics Hamble has the knowledge and skills to install the latest navigation and electrical equipment on your boat. In the rapidly changing and innovative world of modern day electronic equipment Knight Marine Electronics ensure that they are fully informed and up-to-date with the latest equipment available.

Integrating your existing system with new equipment is not always a case of “plug and play”, but nor should it become a daunting task preventing you from upgrading or changing systems. Linking chart plotters to radar and autopilots, installing additional repeaters or concealing new cable runs are simple tasks for Knight Marine Electronics engineers.

Providing the power to feed these appliances often requires an upgrade in the battery bank, management, and charging systems. Installing a Mastervolt, Sterling or Victron charging system, wind, sea generators (WATT AND SEA), solar panels, or a combination of all of these is often the answer. Ask us the tech questions and we can provide a solution.

Chartplotter, Radar, Marine VHF

We design and install bespoke navigation systems for your vessel. We work with yachts 15ft to 100ft Instruments we install :

We can supply and install other manufaturers equipment. Visit our Online Store Already have your own equipment? We can install and interface it.

Water makers

We install and work with Spectra Watermakers to ensure you have a world renowned Reverse Osmosis system. Whether you are planning a long distance blue water cruise or racing and need to save weight, we can help you decide on the correct machine to suit your needs.

Since the late nineties Spectra Watermakers have been developing the world’s most energy efficient water makers which minimise power consumption on board. 12V units can produce up to 400 gallons per day, while 24V can go upto 1000 gallons per day.

We can also rebuild and service your existing equipment, either on board or in our workshop. We only use Spectra parts, and in most cases your lifetime warranty will still be valid.

Solar Panels and Wind Chargers

Solar Power can be used to provide free energy from the sun for many different applications in off-grid locations. There are many ranges of solar panel types, each having different purposes. With our experience we can help you with your requirements.

It is important to use marine solar panels designed to withstand the harsh conditions at sea. Flexible solar panels can be used to create a flush finish and can even be walked on. Solid framed glass panels are more suitable for higher power density and extra mounting options.

We use Victron, Solara Solbian panels with various Solar maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controllers to maximise their performance.

So if it's having the ability to power your equipment on a long blue water voyage or just keeping your batteries charged, give us a call to discuss your requirements. Please make contact if you wish to have a bespoke system designed and installed.

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