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Victron Energy CAN-Bus Temperature Sensor - Buck-Boost Converter


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The Victron Energy CAN-bus Temperature Sensor is a battery temperature sensor for the Buck-Boost DC/DC converter range and is an essential accessory when the Buck-Boost DC/DC converter is connected to a LFP lithium battery.

Temperature sensing is needed when LFP lithium batteries are charged at low temperatures. The charge current to a lithium battery has to be reduced once the battery temperature drops below 5 degrees and the charge current has to stop when the temperature drops below zero.

The CAN-bus Temp. Sensor takes care of this. It measures the lithium battery temperature and sends this to the Buck-Boost DC/DC converter. The Buck-Boost DC/DC converter will reduce or stop charge when the battery temperature drops too low.

In addition to this, the CAN-bus Temp. Sensor can also be connected to the temperature sensor terminal in a Multi or Quattro, so the Multi or Quattro can reduce or stop charging when the battery temperature drops too low.


  • Battery temperature monitoring
  • Supply voltage 4.36VDC
  • Electricity consumption 60mA (@13.6V)
  • Output to switch off heavy user
  • LED status indicators
  • CAN.bus for control purposes and buck-boost converter and/or Quattro, MultiPlus and Venus GX communication
  • Alarm output

Further Information

Victron Energy CAN-Bus Temperature Sensor - User Manual

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