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Providing power is now crucial for modern day yachting. Increasingly customers require a battery bank upgrade as the need to have multiple appliances connected at the same time is common place with more and more appliances installed and being taken onboard. Suitable battery management systems, batteries, battery chargers and solar panels are key.

We install Mastervolt or Victron chargers and a range of solar charging systems.

This often requires an inverter charger such as the Victron Quattro or Multi’s mass combi units, complimented with Solar panels (Sunware semi flexible panels or the Sunpower flexible panels) controlled by a Victron MPPT bluetooth smart regulator.

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It’s no good generating the extra power if you don’t know how much energy is left in your battery. A battery monitor is an essential piece of equipment to accurately track your battery’s state of charge.

Like the Victron BMV range and the BMV 712 gives you great control via the Victron connect app for instance.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find space for additional batteries, so generating energy from renewable sources is another option. With the buzz word being Green, we can complement your battery bank with additional energy from solar panels, wind turbines and even towed generators. We have a broad range of options to suit all boats and budgets.

Here at Knight Marine Electronics, we can design and install all aspects of power management required to give you trouble free sailing.

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