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Racing and cruising yachts often carry a wealth of tactical and navigational systems. Even the simplest of systems can provide data which could help you win a race or cruise quickly and safely to your next port of call.

The information you receive from your instruments and software can only be as good as the quality of their installation, integration and calibration. The usual adage “rubbish in, rubbish out” applies very much here, so it's worth some serious thought and an investment in some time on and off the water to get things right.

The feedback from your instruments will, at best, be inaccurate unless your electronics have been installed and calibrated correctly. Paul Knight, an experienced, competitive and successful racing sailor, and his team have the knowledge required to carry out a professional calibration of the systems on your boat ensuring Data accuracy and repeatability.

Knight Marine Electronics setup and calibration service typically include the following:

  • Boat speed accuracy and tack to tack differences
  • Compass swing and alignment
  • AWA alignment and tack to tack differences
  • TWA, TWS and TWD calibration to get repeatable and believable numbers tack to tack up and downwind
  • AutoPilot tuning to improve steering performance and responsiveness, particularly in demanding conditions under sail
  • Optimising system setup particularly in terms of:
    • Display setup and usage
    • Navigation with AIS, Charting, Radar, Sonar
    • Interfacing with third-party equipment, GPS, Navigation, PCs, Gyro compass, etc and maximising the benefits of this integration
  • Implementing appropriate redundant systems for backup, typically GPS, Compass and Auto Pilot

We can calibrate systems which are available from Raymarine, B&G, Simrad and Garmin:

For example:

  • B&G H2000, H3000, H5000,
  • Nexus / Silva
  • Raymarine I50/I60

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