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Knight Marine Electronics supply, install and support Webasto & Eberspacher warm air heating systems.

They keep the interior of your boat warm allowing you to extend the sailing season and take advantage of fine winter weather. It is also a must for anyone eyeing northern cruising grounds. The continuous air change will keep things dry, allowing you to make the most out of being on the water no matter what the weather conditions throw at you. The controllable air heating systems allow you to decide how warm you want to be, quickly and quietly, providing you with heat in all areas of your boat. Every boat is different and our systems are designed individually so we provide a bespoke service.

They are based on a remote diesel burner that heats fresh air via a heat exchanger and uses a powerful fan to circulate that hot air around the boat through insulated ducting. This system has the advantage of running off the same tank as your main engine, using a fuel which is generally not considered dangerous to handle because it does not ignite easily. The combustion unit can also be positioned somewhere conveniently out of the way – it doesn’t have to be below in a cabin.

Air heating is recommended for boats from 13ft up to 62ft, and is available in different sizes, with a 2kW suitable for boats 13-32ft, the 4kW s for 26-99ft, the 5kW for 39-49ft and the 8kW for 49-62ft. The air heater blows warmed air into each cabin of the boat through a flexible duct system and is controlled by a thermostat in the saloon plus, in each cabin, vents that can be opened or closed to let more or less hot air through.

A smaller heater will burn about one gallon of diesel every 20 hours. All sizes need a 12V or 24V electricity supply. The number of cabins and heads on the boat dictates the number of outlets. Exhaust is usually via the transom, above the waterline, meaning the heater can be run while the boat is heeling

The unit initially draws around 20A to heat a glow plug, which ignites the diesel but once it has warmed up consumption drops dramatically. It is, in fact, the fan that pushes the heated air around the ducting that consumes the most power. For the 2kW unit, this amounts to a total draw of between 1A and 2.5A at 12V, depending on how hard the unit is running. For the larger units (which work on both 12V and 24V), current draw can run up to 95W.

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