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Knight Marine Electronics Ltd offer fully comprehensive Maintenance and Repair Services. With bases in both Port Solent at the top of Portsmouth Harbour and in Deacon’s Boatyard on the River Hamble, our trained staff pride themselves in attention to detail and quality workmanship.

We are proud of our professional and friendly customer service and strive to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe time on the water.

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Here are some of the Maintenance Services we offer.

Rudder Bearing Servicing

  • Check for any wear and inspect all associated parts
  • Order or machine new bearing as required
  • Polish and clean all necessary parts
  • Install the new bearing and check alignment

You may feel movement or hear noise from your rudder whilst sailing and suspect or know that the bearing needs replacement. However, it may not be apparent until the boat is out of the water so we would recommend inspecting the system once a year whilst the boat is ashore.  

This would include an external inspection and checking all linkages and wires in the mechanism to ascertain if there is any wear or slack due to stretching.

If a new bearing is required, we are able to do all the necessary works needed to drop the rudder and remove the shaft (if required). We can liaise with your boat yard if it’s necessary to lift the boat to remove. We are able to then accurately measure and either order a new or have a replacement made.

On installing the replacement rudder bearing, we would adjust and re-check all the wires and mechanisms. Lubricate where necessary and would also clean and polish the rudder shaft and associated parts.

Cutlass Bearing Servicing

  • Remove shaft and worn bearing
  • Source new cutlass bearing
  • Replace new bearing and refit shaft

You may feel vibrations or hear rumbling and suspect that your Cutlass Bearing needs replacing. At Knight Marine Electronics we will check the Cutlass Bearing for any signs of wear and tear as part of our winter maintenance checks.

Though durable, these bearings will wear out, as they are water lubricated. The Cutlass Bearing must be replaced to avoid vibrations or worse, shaft, p-bracket, or gearbox damage. There are a variety of different cutlass bearings on the market made from; Brass, GRP with either a nitrile rubber or polyurethane rubber inner lining. We can source the correct cutlass bearing for your boat from one of our suppliers. 

We are able to remove the shaft and worn bearing with pullers and specialised equipment. After sourcing your new cutlass bearing, we can then replace and refit the shaft.

Anode Replacement

  • Replace all anodes as required
  • New bolts fitted and sealed as required
  • Shaft and prop end anodes inspected and changed as necessary
  • Bow and stern thruster anodes checked and changed as necessary

Anodes are designed to be a sacrificial item added to your boat to protect underwater and vital metal parts from electrolytic corrosion. Anodes are made from weaker metals such as zinc, aluminium and magnesium. The intention is that they corrode before the valuable equipment onboard, so it’s important that these are checked, and the correct sizes fitted.

We would recommend changing anodes yearly although we would inspect them and change where necessary depending upon the corrosion, they have sustained.

Mast Cleaning and Care

  • Clean mast and spreaders
  • Check electrical equipment and lighting fitted to the mast
  • Remove any ropes in need of cleaning, repair or replacement
  • Re-run and re-fit any necessary parts or ropes

Maintaining your boat’s mast is an important part of keeping your boat in good condition and ensuring that your equipment is working correctly ready for the season ahead.

Whilst cleaning your mast our team are able to inspect all equipment. We can then report back and service, repair or replace any necessary parts not working correctly.  We can also upgrade any older items as you wish. Along with the electrical equipment on your mast we are also able to remove any ropes in need of cleaning or could replace as you like.


  • Tape up and wash off
  • Light abrade or strip back as required
  • Prime patches
  • Antifoul hull (2 coats recommended)
  • Antifoul propellors and thruster blades where applicable
  • Second visit for patches on launch

Keeping your antifouling in good shape will help protect your investment and can be an important aspect of how your boat performs. Whether your boat is in need of a light abrade and recoat or a full strip back, prime and recoat we are able to assist.

The preparation of your boats antifouling is the most important part and our team have many years’ experience when it comes to working out the best method for your boat. (If necessary, we would be able to arrange a surveyor to check the condition of the hull to ensure it is not suffering from osmosis.)

We would recommend two coats of antifouling be applied and are able to source the correct match for your boat. Whether the boat is built from wood, GRP, aluminium or steel we are able to supply the correct antifouling and apply for you.

Teak Work / Maintenance

  • Clean teak
  • Restore teak
  • Protect teak

Depending on the condition of your teak we are able to offer a variety of different methods to bring your teak back to standard.

For older decks we could tape up and sand a fine layer of teak away and remove excess chalking, before restoring and protecting the teak. For newer decks we can scrub the excess dirt away before restoring and protecting the teak.

Protecting the teak is an option we recommend as it prevents discolouring, limescale and algae growth. Another advantage of protecting your teak is that any dirt or spillages are easily washed away with a hose. This makes cleaning the teak during the season much easier for yourself and results in less deterioration of the teak meaning you’ll have many more years of use.

Our products of choice are Wessex Two Part Cleaner and Renovator and Semco to seal the teak. We would never use a jet wash to clean the teak or hard bristles.

Propeller and Shaft Cleaning

  • Remove existing antifouling and barnacles
  • Clean propellor and shaft
  • Polish or paint propeller

A boats propeller and shaft work best when they are clean which will allow the boat to reach its maximum potential. Fouled running gear can affect your boat’s efficiency and performance making it unbalanced and slow.

We would carefully remove all traces of barnacles and growth without creating dents or gouges in the propeller. If a propeller is damaged, we would be able to source a replacement or if possible, have the existing fixed and rebalanced.

When the propeller is cleaned, and all blades have the same uniform finish we would then polish or paint dependant, upon your preference or requirements.

Seacock Replacement or Installation

  • Install new seacocks
  • Replace existing seacocks
  • Service/maintain existing seacocks

Checking seacocks regularly helps to extend their life and gives you peace of mind that everything is working correctly, we would recommend doing this at least once a year. Over time however the seawater will cause corrosion and begin to corrode your seacocks which will need replacing before you encounter a major problem.

Choosing the correct configuration and materials for installing through hull fittings is vital. We will source the best quality materials making sure they are suitable for your hull, we will always double clip hoses and ensure that there is a good layer of bonding between the fitting and the hull.

Polishing – Deck and Hull

  • Machine compound and wax polish
  • Advise on any repairs needed
  • Remove any residue on completion

We offer a comprehensive detailing service to keep your yacht in the best possible condition and would recommend polishing your boat once or twice a year to keep it as shiny as the day you purchased it. Keeping it in excellent condition will help protect the gelcoat for many years to come.

We use a variety of products to give the best results removing any imperfections, stained or ingrained dirt. We can revive any faded or chalky areas restoring the boats GRP.

We can advise about any repairs needed to the GRP and lease with local contractors to undertake these. We can also arrange to have any stickers or stripes replaced through our local contacts.

Winch Servicing

  • Dissemble the winch
  • Clean all components thoroughly
  • Reassemble, grease and check for smooth running

We would recommend having your Winches serviced at least once a year to keep them running smoothly. There are many small components inside your winch and frequent servicing will help maintain and extend their working life keeping them operating correctly.

We are able to assist you with advice regarding upgrading any winches you may have. Changing them to electric or self-tailing or for newer maybe stronger versions of what you already have onboard.

GRP Repairs, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Woodwork, Varnishing, Replacement Perspex, Sail cleaning & repairs, Headlining, Interior Cleaning

  • Receive quotes on your behalf
  • Send updates and pictures of work in progress

Although not our main focus we work with many contractors and can lease with them on your behalf to have all the necessary works undertaken. 

We are able to provide a one stop service when it comes to looking after your boat.