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Victron Energy Cyrix-i Battery Combiner Kit


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The Victron Energy Cyrix-i Battery Combiner Kit is for adding a 2nd or 3rd battery system in your car, boat, RV or any other vehicle. It utilizes the simplest and most advanced technology to keep all your batteries charged using the engine’s electrical system, but isolates the starting battery when charging ceases so you never get stranded.

The Cyrix-i 12/24-120 is a bidirectional voltage sensitive relay. It will therefore also engage if for example the accessory battery is being charged by a battery charger.

Intelligent battery monitoring prevents cycling

The software of the Cyrix does more than simply connect and disconnect based on battery voltage and with a fixed time delay. The Cyrix looks at the general trend (voltage increasing or decreasing) and reverses a previous action only if the trend has reversed during a certain period of time. The time delay depends on the voltage deviation from the trend.

Emergency parallel feature

An emergency start push button can be wired to the “start assist” connection (85) if required. The relay will engage during 30 seconds after “start assist” has been momentarily connected to the battery plus. Alternatively, a parallel connect switch can be used to engage the relay as long as the switch remains closed.

Easy to install

There is no need to cut into any factory wiring that may void the manufacturer's warranty of your boat or vehicle.

Further Information

Victron Energy Cyrix-i Battery Combiner Kit - Data Sheet/Manual

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