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Victron Energy GX GSM Modem Accessory


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The Victron Energy GX GSM Modem is an accessory for GX-devices. It is a cellular modem; providing a mobile internet for the system and connection to the Victron Remote Management (VRM).

It requires a SIM card of the Mini-SIM format; and connects to the GX-device with a (supplied) 1m USB cable.


The GX GSM can be used with any of the GX Devices.

The GX GSM requires Venus OS v2.22 or newer to be installed on the GX Device.

When to use a mobile router instead

The GX GSM only provides an internet connection for the GX-device: there is no option to share the internet to laptops, phones, or other devices.

For installations where more devices need internet, such as a yacht or RV, consider installing a mobile router instead.

Further Information

Victron Energy GX GSM Modem Accessory - User Manual

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