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Victron Energy Inverting Remote On-Off Cable


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SKU: ASS030550120Categories: Cables, Victron Energy


Use the Victron Energy Inverting Remote On-Off Cable to connect the (discontinued) Phoenix Inverter 12/180, 24/180, 12/350 or 24/350 to a VE.Bus BMS or a BlueSolar MPPT Charger that features a load output: 

  • VE.Bus BMS: the Inverter will be switched off when the batteries are empty
  • BlueSolar MPPT Charger: connecting an inverter directly on the load output of a BlueSolar MPPT Charger is not possible; the inverter needs to be connected to the battery. Then use this cable to switch the inverter on and off with the load output.

Further Information

Victron Energy Inverting Remote On-Off Cable - User Manual

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